The Vamana Avatar

The Vamana Avatar is the next in the Dashavtar Series. Vamana meaning Dwarf in Sanskrit. The story begins with Bali the demon king who is the descendant of Pralhad, the son of Hiranyakashyapu the demon for whom Lord Vishnu took his fourth Avatar. Bali was a very ambitious person but unlike his forefathers, Hiranyakshya and Hiranyakashyapu had a softer side to him. He had took over the Demon World, Patallok (NetherRealm) and Earth and was getting ready to take over the realm of the gods, the Swarglok  (Heaven). He did numerous rituals with the help of his mentor Shukracharya to get Divine weapons and with little to no effort took over Heaven defeating the Gods. The Gods had to runaway and they took shelter with Lord Vishnu. Vishnu assured them that he would take actions against Bali immediately. He appeared in front of Maharishi(Great Priest) Kashyap and his wife Aditi and told them that his reincarnation would be born from the womb of Aditi, the Mother of Gods. Meanwhile, Bali under the guidance of Shukracharya was 100 ‘Ashwamedha Yadnya’s’ a great ritual which would make his rule over the 3 worlds last forever.

When Bali was completing the Ashwamedha Yadnya 100th time, a young black haired boy with powerful eyes and having knowledgeable look on his face in Brahmin Garb entered the ritual place. In those time Brahmin’s(Leaned One’s) were well respected and it was tradition to be extremely hospitable to them and give them whatever they ask in charity. Bali seeing the young Brahmin got up and welcomed him. He personally escorted him to a bench and then washed his feet. After seeing that his Brahmin guest was comfortable, Bali asked the young boy to ask for anything. The young boy in a gentle voice said that he would take three steps and he wanted the land where he had just took steps.

Bali, while bewildered by this strange request, accepted it and urged the young boy to take his three steps. The boy stood up and then a miracle happened. The boy started to grow in height and only stopped when he had easily towered Earth. He then took a step on Earth and then took his next step on the Heavens and proclaimed to Bali,”Bali I have taken two steps and now I have all the land which you have under my control, but you promised me three steps. Where should I take my last step now?” Bali without thinking said that the boy should take his third step and place his foot on Bali himself. Lord Vishnu smiled at Bali and lifted his foot and placed it on Bali. The demons were pushed back to Patallok and the Earth and Heaven were restored to Humans and Gods respectively.


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