The Narasimha Avatar

This story of the Narsimha avatar is the continuation of the previous mythical story of the third avatar of boar.Hiranyakashyapu was very angry at Vishnu as Vishnu had slayed his little brother, Hiranyakshya. At the time he was powerless and could not do any thing to the Gods, forget about Vishnu. So he decided to pray to Lord Brahma and get a boon so that he can get Godly powers. And like his little brother, he too went to a forest and started praying to Lord Brahma.The Gods became afraid. They had seen what Hiranyakshya had done when he got his powers. So they tried to create obstacles inHiranyakashyapu’s penance by raining down a devastating rain or doing a meteor shower on him. But regardless of these obstacles, Hiranyakashyapu completed his hard penance of 200 years and pleased Lord Brahma. The Gods could only look in despair when Lord Brahma told Hiranyakashyapu to ask for a boon.The boon which Hiranyakashyapu asked made him nearly invincible and borderline god. He asked that he should not be killed by a God, human or a animal, not inside the house or outside the house, not in the air and not on the ground and not during day or night. Lord Brahma granted him the boon and Hiranyakashyapu let out a dark chuckle.The first thing that he did after returning to his kingdom was banning the worship of Lord Vishnu. People who worshiped Lord Vishnu were considered as traitors to the kingdom. Soon like his brother, he also took over the three worlds and the Gods frightened,ran away into hiding.Many years passed. Every second was a torture for the people of Earth. And finally, Hiranyakashyapu had a son, who he named Pralhad. Pralhad was the apple of his father’s eyes until something happened. He caught Pralhad chanting,’Om Vishnave Namaha'(I pray to Lord Vishnu). Hiranyakashyapu was furious. He had banned the worship of Vishnu in all the 3 worlds and here his son was doing that, most importantly this was going on his house. So he admitted his son to school so that he would learn something and wouldn’t dareto take Vishnu’s name in his whole life.So Pralhad started going to school and live there. There too he chanted the same mantra everyday. At first his teachers tried to explain to him that the thing he was doing was wrong. This went until many days. Finally the teachers snapped and beat Pralhad blackand blue, but still Pralhad wouldn’t stop chanting the name of his Lord. Then suddenly something incredible happened, the two teachers who beat Pralhad were beat senseless by an invisible force. Finally Pralhad pleaded to Lord Vishnu that it was enough and he should stop that and the mysterious invisible force disappeared.When Hiranyakashyapu heard about this, he was downright furious and he finally ordered the execution of Pralhad by throwing him off the cliff. The soldiers carried Pralhad and carried him to the nearest tallest cliff and threw him off. All the way and even during falling down, Pralhad was chanting the name of Lord Vishnu. And suddenly, instead of free falling, he started levitating in the air and slowly descended to the ground with a soft landing.Hiranyakashyapu then tried killing him trapping him in a prisoncell full of venomous cobra’s. But to his furious surprise, when he opened the cell there was no trace of snakes there and Pralhad was sitting there chanting Lord Vishnu’s name.Finally Hiranyakashyapu approached his sister Holika. Now Holika was a demon with boon that she could never be harmed. So itwas decided that Holika would sit in the middle of the burning pyre with Pralhad on her lap, so that Pralhad would inside the fire. The preparations were made and it was finally the moment. But surprisingly, as soon as the fire was lit, there were screams of Holikaand not Pralhad and after the fire died down, an unharmed Pralhad
was seen with no trace of Holika.Hiranyakashyapu had enough. He took Pralhad to the throne room and asked where was his God to which Pralhad replied that Lord Vishnu was omnipresent. He was present everywhere. Angry Hiranyakashyapu took a mace in his hand and started hitting it on the room pillars asking,”Where is your God?” and suddenly something dangerous happened.One of the Pillars cracked and a man-lion hybrid came out of it.It was the Narasimha, the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu. He attacked Hiranyakashyapu and then carried him to the doorway of the palace and placed him on his lap. Now Hiranyakashyapu became afraid as Vishnu had found the loophole in his boon. He was now going to be killed by Narasimha that means it was cross between a man and a lionand not a God. He was on the doorway of the house meaning that presently he was neither outside or inside a house. He was not in the air or on the ground but on Narasimha’s lap. It was not day or night but evening and finally he was going to be killed by the finger nails which was not a weapon divine or mortal.Narsimha cut opened Hiranyakashyapu and thus, finally killed the tyrant. After that he established Pralhad on the throne and gave Heaven back to the Gods.


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  1. Pinak says:

    Really nice mythology… I would like to read more of these.
    There is lot to learn from these stories. No matter how smart the evil is ..God is smarter enough to find a way to defeat him..without offending the boon given by other gods.


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