The Varaha or The Boar Avatar

Varaha Avatar is the story where it is stated that there was a
another catastrophic flood which hit Earth. It also contains the story
of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar.
Hiranyakshya and Hiranyakashyapu were two demon brothers
said to offspring of a demon and a human, resulting them to have a
human body but a demon like mind and powers. Out of them,
Hiranyakshya went to the woods to do the penance and please Lord
Brahma so to get a boon from him. So after a hard penance of about
150 years, he finally pleased Lord Brahma. Brahma appeared in
front of him and said him to ask a boon.
Hiranyakshya was not a saint. He had done this penance to get
the godlike powers from Brahma. The boon he asked was that he
would like if he could not be killed by a weapon human or godly and
list of animals which he stated. Brahma accepted his request and
granted him the boon.
Hiranyakshya was now invincible. He could do whatever he
wanted. And it is common sense that the first thing he did was attack
the heavens and he won. After that he took over the other two worlds
, namely the Earth and the Patal. After his conquest, he took the
whole Earth and submerged it into water.
Meanwhile, the Mother Earth took the form of a cow and
traveled to Brahmaloka to plead to Lord Brahma to save her. Lord
Brahma said that he could not do anything but if she prayed to Lord
Vishnu then he would be able to save her.
So, she traveled to Kshirsagar where Lord Vishnu resides and
saw that all the Gods were too there. Lord Vishnu complied to their
requests and told them that he would take care of Hiranyakshya.
Hiranyakshya was invincible, but when telling Lord Brahma the list
of animals which won’t be able to harm him, he had not taken the
animal boar into consideration.
So, boar was now the only animal that could harm the ruthless
demon and Lord Vishnu knew this. So he took the advantage of the
loophole and took the avatar of a wild boar with huge tusks and
challenged Hiranyakshya to a fight.
The fight went for many days and finally Lord Vishnu was able
to kill the demon with is boar tusks; the second loophole as he used
the tusks not any weapon. After that he went into the ocean to find
the Earth and lifted it out of the water using his snout and again
placed it in the solar system.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Pinak says:

    Another nice mythology…very informative post..
    It tells a lot about the nature of our of them gives a boon to a demon…then helps other god to find loophole to defeat the demon.


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